Dec 5, 2014

Happy Holidays from York Avenue Studio 2014 Coupon

Every year just before Christmas, I like to say "Thank You" to the wonderful shoppers who have visited my Etsy shop!  Your orders have made it possible for me to continue working at what I love doing, metalsmithing and gemstone jewelry.

I offer the coupon code to returning shoppers as well as anyone referred to my shop.  Take $20.14 off your order, minimum order of $24.  One offer per shipping address.  Code to use at checkout is "2014YorkAvenueStudio" and expires Dec 10th.

I have not posted on my blog here in quite a long time, mostly due to the fact I found Instagram!  If you want to see daily photos of behind the scenes projects, and other little trivial pictures from my work and play, follow me on Instagram @kathysinbox and I would be thankful.

I also quit smoking in March of this year, which kept me from my computer which was a common "smoking zone" and I needed to avoid that area for any seated typing, etc. to reduce temptation!  9 months later, still smoke-free and very much better for it!

My latest jewelry interest and focus has been Boho style, Southwest and Gypsy style.  I have fallen in love with Turquoise!!!!  Please feel free to follow along and watch what this new direction brings about in designs and new items.

Also getting pretty excited about the 3D printing possibilities for my jewelry designs, working with Matter.IO and I have ideas brewing! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my family and friends out there! 

Feb 10, 2014

Cat Head Tutorial With Metal Clay - PDF Instant Download
NEW!  I've created a tutorial with detailed instructions and photos to show the steps I use to make a basic cat head with ears in metal clay. This adorable cat head design can be the base for makers to start with and design their own cat jewelry.

Perfect for jewelry makers who wish to make 3D sculptural art and this tutorial doesn't require sculpting skills or even drawing skills.

This tutorial will show how to make a basic cat head with ears using metal clay. From this basic cat head, I have created my own cat jewelry designs and hope that others will also be inspired to create their own version of cat jewelry. I will list the tools and materials needed, the techniques with photos along the process and helpful tips. I’ve included a bonus section that shows how to make a patterned ring band using a texture tool made from a lighter.

Visit my Etsy shop for the instant download PDF file.  I am offering this metal clay tutorial for only $5!

I would appreciate being “mentioned” in online posts relating to this tutorial, whether showing off your work or recommending this tutorial to friends. Please be sure to include York Avenue Studio when you refer to this basic cat head design.

Thank you!

Jan 31, 2014

Tutorial Copper Ball Love Knot Friendship Ring
Copper Ball Love Knot Ring by York Avenue Studio
New Tutorial for wire wrapping a Copper Ball Love Knot Ring! 

This tutorial includes a list of materials, tools and instructions for you to create your own ring. The skills required are basic wrapping skills as well as some general metalworking skills. I have included close-up photos throughout the process.
Instant Download - Visit my Etsy shop here:

Each side of the ring is adorned with a lovely knot. This is my original design with signature copper ball accents. This ring has a stylish Steampunk look and makes a wonderful Friendship ring or Promise ring.
Wire Wrapped Copper Ring by York Avenue Studio