Feb 1, 2011

Charm Factory Signature Stamp Test for Metal Clay by York Avenue Studio

I've been selected as a tester for a new product by The Charm Factory.  I will be posting the testing adventure on my blog as soon as the stamp arrives!  Stay tuned, and here is some detail on these amazing stamp tools.  Visit the Charm Factory website at http://www.charmfactory.com/signature-stamps.aspx

Signature Stamps feature your logo or name and make it very easy to cleanly and precisely brand your jewelry and art. Simply gently press your Signature Stamp into the clay to cut a deep and lasting mark.

Signature Stamps

These custom made stamps are small (1/2" wide) and laser engraved to give you the precision impression you are looking for. You get a long lasting and clear product (unlike rubber stamps) and a great value over more expensive brass stamps. The handle is cast from lead free pewter, and your custom clay stamp is made to order from Delrin, a high temperature plastic also used for notary stamps and other demanding applications.
Order quickly online. There are no quotes, set up fees or additional costs. No matter what the content – text, your signature, or a logo – your Signature Stamps price is only $44.99. (Plus, free shipping is offered in the US.)



  1. This looks very cool! Can't wait to hear how the trial goes! I had a stamp made years ago...but I'd like it updated to include 999! Looks like a good alternative! Lovely design on yours!!

  2. This is great! Please let me know how you get on! P.S. I added you to my blogroll :)