Feb 1, 2011

Slver Art Clay Bypass Ring by York Avenue Studio

Gemstones are my passion.  I’ve ventured into metal clay so I could create unique settings for my gemstone collection.   Silver Art Clay is a metal clay that contains silver and binder ingredients and is moldable and pliable just like clay.  Once it dries, it can be sanded and filed.  The piece can then be fired in a kiln or torched which burns off the binder material, keeps the shape of the design, and the result is .999 pure silver! 

Amazing and fun and the creation possibilites are endless.

I start each design with a drawing inspired by the gemstones I’ve selected for the project.  My intent is to create a unique setting to showcase each gemstone.

Each project brings on more technical difficulties to overcome, like bending this ring after it was fired instead of wrapping the clay around a mandrel.

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  1. Love this Bypass ring!

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