May 21, 2011

Jewelry Open House!

To celebrate my One Year Anniversary in Jewelry, I held an Open House today!  I almost didn't get any photos, but in between customers, with some assistance from my "helpers", I have some pictures to share!

Above, is a photo of my adorable neighbor who is 9 yrs old!  She not only has a passion for jewelry, she also creates her own and is a wonderful student!  She was my Guest Designer and had her own display of jewelry to sell!  She, along with a few other "helpers" worked hard all day, repositioning items, organizing and keeping customers entertained!  I couldn't have done it without them, especially the set up and tear down.  Thanks Girls!!!!

Because I have an online shop, I don't see customers face to face or display my jewelry.  This Open House was super fun because I was able to unbox and display everything all at once and enjoy the day talking with friends and family.  Sharing stories of how the jewelry was made, the gemstones and materials used, seeing the items being worn, especially the expressions and the oooooo's and aaaaaaaaaaa's!  This was a great experience for me, and apparently everyone that attended enjoyed the party, too!  I met some very nice ladies and the conversation was wonderful!

One particular pair of earrings deserves a special highlight.  These feather earrings are made from parakeet feathers in gorgeous blues and yellows with black detail.  My sister is a breeder of budgies, her link is to the left on this blog.  She collected some of the premium feathers from her birds and they made such amazing earrings!  I made polymer clay beads to match, with blue, black and gray details.  Wish I could have taken a better photo because these were really, really pretty!  They have a new home tonight!

Thanks to everyone that attended the Open House!  Thank you to my Guest Designer as well as my "helpers"!


  1. Congrats on your open house, lovely pictures,Love your helper(s).

  2. I love the way you displayed everything. Your jewelry looks fabulous!

  3. Fabulous open house! Such a great idea :)

  4. Congratulations - glad you had such lovely celebrations. Feather earrings are really beautiful!

  5. That's great, I love love love those feather earrings! I have never done a jewelry party or craft show or anything... it kind of scares me to tell you the truth! One of these days... :)