Jun 29, 2011

100th Follower Half Off Coupon Code for Fine Silver Feather Earrings!

In anticipation of reaching 100 followers on my blog, I am celebrating by offering a super special SALE on my Fine Silver Feather Earrings.  The special is for a limited time.  I will make as many pairs as needed for this offer and keep the offer open until the end of July 2011.  My goal is 100 pairs ordered.  I also will be forwarding the proceeds of this offer to a special family that recently lost their home to a foreclosure and are split temporarily while looking for another place to live together.  They are in my thoughts and my heart goes out to them. ♥

Fine Silver Feather Earrings by York Avenue Studio

For only HALF the regular price of $30, each customer will receive a pair of Fine Silver (.999) Feather Earrings with sterling silver ear wires for only $15, shipped FREE to the US.  For other locations, please see the shipping chart at the bottom of the listing in my shop.  You may also order them at full price, of course, and more proceeds will go to the family.

I use real feathers as shown in the photo.  The feather is the natural "mold" to shape and provide the amazing detail.  The result is .999 pure silver gorgeous feathers! 

Fine Silver Feather Earrings by York Avenue Studio

I will offer these as shiny silver with a satin brushed finish or with an antiqued silver finish, just let me know your prefererence at checkout.  The length is about 1 1/2 inches and each feather will be unique.  These are high quality, lightweight and very comfortable.  Feathers are very hot in fashion styles and this unique design is extraordinary and sophisticated!

Please "Follow" my blog and leave a comment below requesting this special 100th Follower Half Off Sale!  I will email the Coupon Code to you, so make sure you include your email address.  If you'd rather just email me for the code and not leave the comment below, that is great, too!  The Coupon Code is only valid for these earrings in my Etsy Shop, York Avenue Studio.  Not valid on any other item in my shop.  These are custom made to order and the proceeds will be donated, please understand no refunds or returns.  Normally, these ship out in a few days, but please allow 7-10 business days to complete your order.  I'll notify you when they are ready to ship!

Pass this special along, use twitter, Facebook, call your friends and family, tell your co-workers!  These earrings will make great gifts for birthdays, teachers, wedding and bridal party gifts, moms, daughters, nieces, aunts, sweethearts, wife, girlfriend, etc.

Order a pair for yourself and order another pair to keep handy for a last minute gift.

Fine Silver Feather Earrings by York Avenue Studio

I hope you enjoy this special and I am very excited that I have so many blog followers and friends to share my jewelry-making adventures!  Feel free to leave a comment, even if just to say Hi! I realize most of my followers make their own gorgeous jewelry, and I appreciate your comments.  I certainly hope to find new followers that will join me and would appreciate fine silver at half off!

I'm also holding a Free Jewelry Giveaway to add to the celebration, click here!


  1. You rock Kathy! My e-mail is mjraney@comcast.net
    This is Jen from Envy Designs.

  2. Thanks for breaking the ice by being the first to comment, hope to see many more comments!

  3. Love the earrings! Please send coupon code.

  4. Wow...what a good post. I like this article and also your feather earrings are mind blowing. I want this for my wife and use this coupon code for it.

  5. Please include email address for the code, code only valid this week!

  6. I love coupons code too! I am following your blog now!I've been wanting these offer for the longest time! These look amazing.