Sep 16, 2011

A Little Birdie That Says "FLY"

This little birdie pendant was offered as a prize for a recent Giveaway held on the Metal Clay Heads Team Blog, and I won!  Just arrived today, and I can't stop staring at it!

I've been working with Silver Art Clay for not quite 1 year, but as I held this little birdie, it hit me.......I've NEVER held or seen another silver metal clay piece other than my own!  Just photos, online and in books, and I was struck immediately by the difference of a piece from photos to having it in my hand!

"FLY" Pendant by Lesley Chandler of Thoughtfully Adorned
Photos don't capture the weighty feel, the smoothness, the light and shine, the size, it's just breathtaking to hold this little birdie and see the work and detail and the balance of the whole design!  I LOVE IT!  This design is much thicker than any of my pieces and much heavier!  It feels and looks like it deserves to be treasured!

I'm self taught with silver metal clay.  I've gathered a very nice education from DVDs, books, online tutorials, videos, team mentors, etc.  I make well designed, delicate pieces that show my style.  Now, having received this pendant and seeing for the first time another designers work with silver metal clay, my love for this material has just been rekindled and I am even more thrilled to explore silver metal clay possibilities!

This FLY pendant is solid, the shine is like a mirror and truly presents itself as a precious metal piece with value!  The bird is whimsical and artistic and beautifully handcrafted.   This piece has made quite an impression on how I plan to work with my silver, some of my current designs are going to get a make-over.  I want to evoke the same awe when anyone handles my jewelry.

Maybe I'm in the minority of silver metal clay artists, working isolated, selling online, learning online, no face-to-face contact with others working with this clay.  I certainly feel lucky to play with silver clay when I can, but now I feel even more lucky to have found the Metal Clay Heads Team and have team-mates to share and learn from and this FLY pendant means so much to me and I will treasure it, truly, and be inspired to make some pieces that are as bold and amazing and fun as this birdie!

Lesley of Thoughtfully Adorned was the featured artist for August on the Metal Clay Heads Blog.  Here is the link to that article with more of her photos:
Thank you Lesley! 


  1. Thank you Kathy for this blog post. Amazingly, I'm the same way. I've seen others work but not in my own hands. Isn't that funny?!

  2. I soooo envy you! Same for me also. It would be awesome to actually see and touch metal clay work from others. Maybe we should have a charm swap one day!

  3. What a beautiful piece of jewellery. Well done for winning and to Lesley for creating it. I've seen pmc work close too at a workshop but never been on the receiving end, (only what I've made myself).

    Interesting post, enjoyed the link to Metal Clay Heads.

    June x

  4. That really touches me! I admired your work so much and I was almost embarrased to send you my piece. You have such a beautiful humble kindness! I have bought a piece by another artist and it was so light and airy and I was so amazed by it too and it inspired me to learn about photopolymer techniques. Thanks for your sweet article here. Now FLY girl!!! xoxo