Oct 19, 2011

New! Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Revealed

Dream Cloud Ring with Citrine by York Avenue Studio
I'm so happy to show off my latest line of designs!  This collection is all about genuine gemstones and bold silver settings.  This Dream Cloud Ring has puffy swirls that showcase the delicate colored Citrine.  I've added blue hues with a patina to the prong setting, which reflect thru the stone, very unique!

Dream Cloud Ring by York Avenue Studio
Each design is completely fabricated in my studio by hand giving me the freedom to customize the design according to customer preference of gemstone, ring size, etc.

Genuine White Opal Heart Earrings by York Avenue Studio
My goal was to produce genuine gemstone jewelry that is affordable and durable.  The design style for this collection is Shabby Chic and Rustic.

Pearl Engagement Ring by York Avenue Studio
The gemstones I've included in this series are delicate and light, with Pearls, Opals, Citrine.

Pearl Silver Ring by York Avenue Studio
This collection includes matching earrings and rings.

Pearl Silver Earrings by York Avenue Studio
I love working with Silver Art Clay and Sterling Silver.  Every design in my collection for Fall/Winter 2011 is made with precious metal and genuine gems!

Steampunk Silver Heart Ring by York Avenue Studio
The entire collection is available in my shop on Etsy.  Custom orders are always welcome! 

Sterling Hoop Earrings by York Avenue Studio
Each piece is priced at a great value for fine silver and gemstone jewelry.

Spider Web Ring by York Avenue Studio
I'd love to hear your comments and which piece you like and why! 
Thanks for looking and sharing this big reveal moment with me!


  1. Kathy,
    Your rings are all very beautiful - I love seeing the journey you've made with PMC. There are 3 that stand out to me:

    1. Pearl Engagement Ring because its very 'fresh' looking, just like a 'fresh start' that a new life together would be for a married couple.

    2. Steampunk Silver Ring. It symbolises love, the twists and turns that love has and the old/new brought together.

    3. Spider Web Ring. Probably done with halloween in mind, but I like the 'masculinity' - it would make a nice signet ring for a guy.

    Ooh, thanks for listing me on your blog roll -I hadn't realised. Hope all is well with you, I sort of escaped blog land for a while but I'm back!

  2. Thank you! Great to hear from you! Your comments are so thoughtful and I appreciate the kind words.