Nov 30, 2011

The Hunt for the Perfect Opal - Found it!

Genuine Solid Black Opal 14KWhite Gold Ring by York Avenue Studio
Isn’t this the most stunning ring!!  The main gemstone is a solid genuine Black Opal with rare deep blue body!  This beauty was recently custom cut specifically for my customer, whose determination to find the perfect Opal led him to me.  I had the pleasure of working with him on his quest, and ultimately finding his Perfect Opal.  A quest that warrants a post here on my blog to introduce Rich, my secret supplier of Opals.  He is the hero of this story.  If you are interested in gemstones for your jewelry, designers or customers, this is the man to meet!

Rare Deep Blue Bodied Solid Opal Showing Spectacular Play of Color
Genuine Opal gemstones are sought after by collectors and gem enthusiasts all over the world.  Each collector or customer has their own idea of what the perfect Opal looks like.  It’s a matter of preference.  The family of Opals has a broad spectrum of specimens that display rainbows of color in unique patterns.   Some prefer delicate white Opals, some prefer more pinkish or greens, some prefer blues,  big Opals, little Opals, the variety is endless.

Uncut Opal Specimen that was transformed!
I have had the pleasure of working with a secret supplier, my go-to-guy for high quality gems and specifically my main source for genuine Opal.  He isn’t a secret, per se, but I have to admit it is very difficult for me to share this contact for gems.  His name is Rich of Gems of Nirvana, and he has once again become my hero on a recent hunt for the perfect Opal.

A customer contacted me about an Opal ring.  He was determined, very specific about color and I could tell he was a bit worn down on his quest for the Perfect Opal for a ring.  A genuinely wonderful person that I had the opportunity to assist on his quest. 
The Opal  that he sought would be deep dark blue, with play of color , a nice small oval that would compliment a slender hand.  Preferably a solid Opal, if one existed. 
I contacted Rich and described the perfect Opal.  He indeed had some material that fit the description and sent photos.  Yes, that was my guess at what the customer was looking for.  This was not a finished piece and would need to be cut and polished.  I couldn’t wait to show the customer.
He agreed, this was The One!  Rich went to work on the Opal and waiting for the end photos was so thrilling!

Breathtaking after cutting and finishing!
In no time, Rich was sending photos and the Opal was breathtaking!  Rich and I worked out the exact size and shaping to fit a custom 14K White Gold ring setting that was selected by the customer for his Perfect Opal.

14K White Gold Solid Blue Opal Ring by York Avenue Studio

Please comment below about this gorgeous ring!  I’d love to hear what you think!
Rich offers his gems and custom work on his website store at  Make sure you tell him that I sent you!  Visit his store and come back to let me hear your comments!  (Try to keep him "our" secret!)


  1. Thank you for the kind words. You have created a beautiful piece and I appreciate the trust you afforded me with such an important creation.

  2. I have never seen a black opal before!! My father adored opals and spent his Naval career of 20 odd years looking for and buying my mum fire opals. She had loads of them. When I was much older she confided in me tht they were okay but she didn't 'adore' them as he thought she did ;-) I grew up going round different jewellers getting setting made for these stones that he brought back. When they both died I had a whole bunch of them made into a 'piece' a brooch made with her wedding ring and few other bits, it's absolutely stunning, but I hardly ever wear it I'm so conscious of what it all means. This ring however I am sure will be worn constantly.
    You have done a superb job on it, and it's stunning - well done you and thanks for making me remember my folks! xxxxx

  3. Kathy, gorgeous! You did a fabulous job. Oh and thanks for sharing Rich! His site is awesome and I may need him in the near future.

  4. OMG! That is incredibly beautiful! I think I might need one of those! The color is amazing! Well done to both of you.