Feb 9, 2012

Moonstone Magic Harnessed

Moonstone is a gemstone in the Feldspar family.  The name conjures the image of moonbeams and wispy clouds that glow and shimmer from within the stone.  The Opalescence and milky hue of this gem have long been admired and coveted as powerful, passionate and magical.  Beauty lies within….

The association with the Magic of the Moon lends itself to the imagination and all the possible special affects this stone might bestow on those that possess it.  Could you imagine what powers one could have if the powers of the Moon could be harnessed in a gem?  The mind wonders…
I love the name Moonstone.  The other Geological name Hecatolite doesn’t really “feel” positive.  Moonstone, that is a great name especially for jewelry!  Did you know Moonstone is an alternate Birthstone for June?  Traditional Birthstone for June is Pearl, as well as Alexandrite.  Lucky are those with June birthdays!!
Moonstone possesses an actual phenomenon.  Adularescence is when light scatters within a stone between the natural flat layers within the gem.  A marvel of nature as the stone forms in the right conditions with the right minerals.
My favorite color of Moonstone is White with blue flashes.  I’ve seen this color called Rainbow Moonstone.  Other colors include peach, green, blue, gray, brown.  Photographing Moonstone is tricky, catching the light just right, the result will be different on bright days v. cloudy days.

I would love to hear your comments on Moonstone, whether you own this gemstone, your favorite color or piece of jewelry and maybe a little story of what the stone means to you!  Have you harnessed the Magic of Moonstone?
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  1. I love this stone. It reminds me of an opal. I was looking for animal print cane tutorials and that is how I found your blog. Good job, must be the U of M education. I am from Metro Detroit and my husband loves Michigan (Wolverines-for non-sports people). If they lose a game I hide from my husband because you would think he was on the team.

    1. Thank you, so glad you found my blog! Hmmm, wonder if the Moonstone had something to do with that....
      I really enjoyed your comment, I read it while wearing my UofM sweatshirt! Good luck on polymer, that is so much work and deserves much appreciation.

  2. Besides Petoskey Stones, I pick up and pass by many moonstones hiking be glad to ship some rough stones to you. I always wonder what to do with them...https://www.facebook.com/michael.redmond.75054