May 25, 2012

Tiny Palm Tree Metal Stamp Design

I recently had to invent my own palm tree design.  I searched high and low and could not find a metal design stamp for a tiny 2mm palm tree, so I made one by combining a few letter stamps.  The font is Verona and it is 2mm tall.

1.  Start with a capital X sideways.
2.  Add 2 lowercase v, aiming the points at the center of the X, but not lined up with the lines in the X. 
3.  Use a capital I for the trunk. 
4.  Add a lowercase l upside down centered over the I, but off a little to widen the trunk at the base.

Variations are endless, of course.  More leaves, trunk leaning one way or the other, experiment and have fun!  I love how the capital X has a little swirl that looks like a hanging coconut!

Hope you like my little Palm Tree!


  1. what a clever solution - it looks great :)

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