Jul 2, 2016

Do You Think It Is Worth It? - How Buyers Decide Yes or No

A beautiful lady once showed me her large silver ring she was wearing.  I said, “Oh, I love your ring!” She thanked me and then followed with this question:

“I paid $300, do you think it was overpriced?”

(Sorry, I do not have a photo of her ring, but will share some photos of fabulous pieces!)

Fifteen thoughts flew through my mind, because we humans have wonderful thinking and imagination skills!

  1. Always be kind!  I firmly believe if all humans had this first reaction for EVERYTHING the world would be a lovely place for all humans.
  2. The other 14 thoughts occur simultaneous and so I will explain this as a story of perceived value.

Catfish Ring - Anna Siivonen

Buyers look for many things in a piece of jewelry.
♥ Does it have a function?
♥ Does it fill a need?
♥ What social benefits will be gained?
♥ Does it spark a personal attraction or meaningful connection?
♥ Does it spark curiosity or some new knowledge that intrigues?

Buyers that consider parting with their money look for a reason to say "yes" or "no".  After they choose, buyers check their answers, just like the desire to know if one’s passed or failed a test.

Corn Ring and Sage Ring - Lynn Cobb

Discretionary spending is one of those topics we humans feel it is our business to debate, even about complete strangers whose lives we don’t know but are so willing to judge others’ choices.  There’s a perceived debate even unspoken as we glance at other people or they glance back.  So it is important that as buyers make choices to say "yes" or "no", that they feel confident in that choice as they may face challenges  that they passed or failed.  Important to feel confident, but not always the case.

ID Stacking Bracelets - Heartsabustin

The price of a piece seems a mystery to buyers.  Most people tend to have the knowledge to assess the cost of materials used and the weight of the item or size, how much work may have been put into the design and fabrication as well as the package or the marketing.  Buyers may realize that the designer and artist needs to make a living of some level to continue working.  Buyers make the choice of "yes" or "no" and these factors may matter, more or less, and these factors could be close to accurate or far off base.

Supply and demand.  Simply put statement that includes all of the above.  Educated buyers vs. uneducated buyers certainly plays a factor in jewelry shopping.  Ethical sources vs. unethical rip offs and mass production play a part, too.

Channel Set Gemstone Rings - ppennee

My response to this lovely lady with the gorgeous large ring may not have been helpful.  I explained that I appreciated the material and work that went into the piece from a jewelry maker’s perspective.  I even knew the metalsmith she mentioned that made the piece for her and admire the designer’s work. I may not have confirmed her pass or fail in her mind to the “yes” choice she had made.

We did have a very nice, kind exchange of conversation focused on a striking piece of jewelry.  A ring that is made from materials that have existed long before we were alive and materials that will exist on well past the time we leave this world.  So owning the ring for a brief period of time may seem insignificant in that respect.

Opal Ring - York Avenue Studio

There is no denying that jewelry does, however, impact human interaction with each other and invokes thought and imagination about our values and what we value.

The very next person you come across, take the opportunity to spread kindness.  Perhaps a friendly smile or notice a piece of jewelry they are wearing. Then enjoy the brief interaction and there’s something to experience and gain for yourself and to share.

 P.S. It's been a year since my last blog post! I appreciate the views, the comments and hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Take care, and stay in touch! -Kathy


  1. I always go back and forth about how to price my items.I want it to be affordable to someone who enjoys wearing it, but I also don't want it to seem cheap, and I don't want to lose money on it. The biggest gratification i get is when someone purchases and leaves a review that they "love it!"

  2. Thank you Dustin for your comment! It is very rewarding when a buyer leaves Feedback showing their confidence with their choice to purchase, and kind to write a wonderful review!

  3. So many truths! What someone will or won't pay is such a personal decision. Best advice as you said is to be kind, they aren't really asking for an appraisal, just a kind comment

  4. Thanks Pennee for commenting! You have a great point about not expecting an appraisal. An appraiser friend could be handy....or not! All perspective really, but kindness is ALWAYS appropriate!