Feb 19, 2011

Magic Wand Kitty and Goddess Face by York Avenue Studio

I'm sharing some photos of my current works in progress.  Pictured below are the two metal clay pieces that I made while testing my Signature Stamp from the Charm Factory. ( See my previous post, in case you missed the test review and video.)

I've been enjoying scupting little tiny kittys in clay, working at getting them smaller, more personality in their ears, tail, plump little rumps, etc.  I designed a Magic Wand with a star and handle and added Tanzanite for purple sparkle, little bumps to make the star glint in the light which also mask the little bumps that are holding the gems in place like little prongs.  I fired the Tanzanite in place and had great results using a torch.  I used Liver of Sulphur patina gel and LOVE the colors!  I haven't touched it yet to finish and polish, but couldn't wait to post photos of the work in the stages of progress.  My mind is swirling with ideas for beaded necklaces to make for these charms.  Still not decided on the finish...

Magic Fairy Wand with Tiny Kitty by York Avenue Studio

Back shows off the logo stamp

Satin finished Magic Wand with Tanzanite

Back of Magic Wand

Patina on Magic Wand

Back of both Magic Wand and Goddess Face
Goddess Face with patina by York Avenue Studio

The goddess face is so tiny and the details from the mold are just what I was going for.  The patina turned out great and I am afraid to change it, but I haven't even polished yet and might just leave it.  I'm still amazed with the tiny detail of the logo stamp.  The letters are smaller than the letters on the penny.

Hope you enjoyed these photos!  Special THANKS to the Metal Clay Heads Team on Etsy!! I am so proud to be a member and each of you have inspired me to push harder at designing metal clay pieces that are better than I could have done without you!!


  1. And its a great pleasure to see you there and for you to share your experiences. Love this stamp!

  2. I love the face....its very subtle and soft! LOVE IT!