Feb 17, 2011

Part 3 Charm Factory Metal Clay Stamp Test - Video! by York Avenue Studio

So now that I've received my new Signature Stamp from the Charm Factory, here is my very own Testing Demo Video!

In case you didn't catch my previous post on this product review, I've been selected as a tester for a new product by The Charm Factory.
After I was contacted, we exchanged ideas on my logo design for the stamp.  The stamp is about the size of a thumbnail, 1/2 inch circle.  My logo is a little too complex to be that tiny, so I suggested a simple street sign with "York Ave".  Here is my logo and a preview of this idea:

I was pleased, but not completely thrilled that the stamp for my jewelry would be so simple and plain.  It was a wonderful stamp and I would use it, but I wished there was more detail.  Well, I am thrilled with what happened next! 

Here is what the stamp would look like in metal clay:

Charm Factory Signature Stamp

I drew a smaller version of my logo and played with the words and the picture and came up with an idea with more detail, but not so much that it wouldn't be recognizable as a stamp.  I sent the sketch to the Charm Factory for their input.

The Charm Factory responded very quickly with the following version of my logo sketch, which is the final design for my new stamp!  I am so thrilled with how professional the design looks and how wonderful the Charm Factory is to work with.  They truly put such effort into making my stamp look like MY stamp!

My sketch for logo

Charm Factory Design from my sketch

Charm Factory Signature Stamp - York Avenue Studio

I've had a chance to use my new stamp with some silver metal clay and I made a little video to show you all! 
From the product testing that I conducted using the Signature Stamp from the Charm Factory, I’ve discovered three possible ways to use my new stamp. 
1.  This stamp, used with a light touch, will stamp my logo very clearly on the back of my designs.  The stamp is very easy to use and leaves a super clear imprint of my logo with tiny words.  Amazing!
2.  My design includes a circle around the logo.  I found, by happy accident, that if I press firmly, the stamp cuts the circle out of the clay around my logo.  This makes perfect little jewelry tags!  I can put a small hole in the cutout and include this tag in my beaded jewelry.
3.  The little cutout circles can also be used to gently layer my logo onto the back of a delicate piece that a stamp would otherwise crush the design on the opposite side.  The logo cutout can be set into place with slip or paste and results in a little raised logo circle.
Without further ado.........
I am so pleased with this new tool and I hope that my testing results will help anyone deciding whether they want to order one for themselves.  I also hope that when you design your logo, you will consider whether you want the circle outline or not.
Please leave a comment below.  I would be very interested in what you think about my logo design and the Signature Stamps from the Charm Factory.
Disclosure: I received a custom-made signature stamp from Charm Factory at no charge in exchange for a review of my opinion. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.
Signature Stamps feature your logo or name and make it very easy to cleanly and precisely brand your jewelry and art. Simply gently press your Signature Stamp into the clay to cut a deep and lasting mark.

Signature Stamps

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  1. Love the video. And the stamp is on my some-day lists of wants!

  2. Kathy thanks for showing the video of your stamp! Very impressive :). I will be ordering mine right after this post. I love your blog. Very informative. Thanks for sharing ;).

  3. Thank you for the nice comments! The little mold was giving me some trouble but the stamp didn't stick at all! I will have pictures soon of the two pieces I made in the video. The little round one is a my new woman's face charm and came out great! The star shape is my new magic wand! Can't wait to show you!

  4. That is so cool that is doubles as a stamp and can be used for jewellery tags. I agree the first draft needed some more detail. The end result is perfect. Have fun practising. Jeanie