Feb 23, 2011

My First Polymer Clay Cane by York Avenue Studio

My First Polymer Cane by York Avenue Studio

I have to admit, I'm feeling jumpy with excitement after attempting to make a polymer clay cane!  It's one of those moments as an artist that I savor!  The rush, the feeling like I'll bust if I don't have somebody to share this adventure with!  This is why I love to create, to get that "peak" and see myself accomplish something that I feel is beautiful!  Ahhhhhhh!  Ok, here is what I did and why......

I follow several blogs and love to see the projects that other artists and designers are sharing online.  One inspiring blog is written by Charters, who welcomed me warmly to her blog and has a lovely manner with her words and designs.  Her blog, Charters Jewellery, has inspired me to try my hand at polymer clay beads.  I've never tried this before, and her beautiful photos of colorful beads along with her comments on tips for finishing the beads stirred up some ideas in my mind and I dug out my polymer clay supplies.

In my craft box, I had the colors blue, black, brown and white.  I also knew that I had some spare gemstone beads that are half drilled, in the same colors.  Lapis Lazuli, Tigers Eye and Pearl.  The design started forming in my mind to use polymer clay, the gemstone beads and also use silver metal clay. 

I searched online for some tutorials for making polymer clay canes.  I found the website called Beadeyedbrat.com with tons of tutorial links and great basics for polymer work. 

After scrolling thru the titles of canes, I decided to try the tutorial by Mia Rox called Swirly Brick Cane.

Throughout the cane making process, there was no indication that it was working.  I formed the pieces, step by step, hoping the design was building inside the log of clay!  All I could see was the black clay wrapped on the outside.

When the cane was done, I was intimidated to slice it, so I picked a spot near the end.  I'll have to read up on how to slice this cane properly without flattening the log.  Even so, LOOK WHAT WAS INSIDE!!!!

First Polymer Cane by York Avenue Studio

Now, what do I do!!!???  As I work on this new project, I'll post the updates.  I plan on making beads, tubes, etc plus finish and polish to shine like stone.  I can't wait to see how the gemstone beads fit in the design and what parts will be made in silver metal clay!  Plus, I have another opportunity to use my new logo stamp from the Charm Factory!


  1. very cool cane!!! reminds me of a fossil! i love the colros.

  2. watch out, they become addictive.
    I have a box of "now what do I do with these?"

  3. Congrats on your first PC cane! yep, watch out, like Laura said, it can be addictive! I love making canes.

  4. well done on your first cane. Message me your details and I will pop a little something in the post forbeing my 100th follower. Thanks Cara (there's an email link on my blogger profile)

  5. Thanks for the mention, that's really nice of you; and if I've inspired you ... that's really made my blog worthwhile.

    To keep your Cane 'rounded' use a fine blade (tissue blade). This tends to give a really sharp neat slice. Before slicing the next piece, turn the clay a quarter, then slice. Repeat turning by a quarter each time before slicing - this will prevent squashing the at the same angle of the clay.

    I find it easier to make any 'holes' in the pieces before baking using a wooden cocktail stick. Hold the clay piece, and only push the stick until you can just feel it coming through the other side. Remove the stick, turn clay over and push stick through until it comes out the other side. Give a bit of a twirl to make a decent size hole ... and, you should now have a neat 'hole', with less rough edges. Otherwise you could end up with a bit of sanding to do!

    Look forward to seeing what you come up and now Following your blog, so I don't miss it. Oh, did I say 'well done on your first cane'