Feb 1, 2011

Texturize with Toys - Silver Metal Clay

Piano Ring by York Avenue Studio
Just imagine trying to take a little sip of water from a gushing fire hose!  That is similar to what I’m experiencing after learning to use Silver Art Clay for designing jewelry.  The design creative juices are overflowing with the possibilites!  Everywhere I look, I find more inspiration for another future project!  If only pmc was sold as Buy One Get One Free!

Tonight’s blog post stems from this new-found “sense” of seeing ordinary items in my surroundings as potential design ideas for metal clay projects.  Specifically, Toys with Textures!  Click the photos for extra close up detail.
Toys with Texture - Examples of kitty fur, play phone bumps and toy bus tire tread and more.....
I spend most of my day playing with my 2 year old son.  His toys have a whole new fascination for me.  I look at them closeup, turn them over and just imagine what the little textures would look like on metal clay!  I picture how these potential stamps could be made into molds.  I’ve even set a few toys out of sight as my own little stash!

Tire tracks would look great as a border or even a statement as if “..you’ve run my heart over..” on a heart pendant!

The even spaced schoolbus windows would set the stage for a cool pattern for a ring band!  Same idea with the toy mini piano keys!  (See top photo for my Piano Ring design, showing the back detail of the mini keys.)

Here is another photo of my Piano Ring, showing the front detail of the ladies version.  Ruby Red Rose laid tenderly atop the keys!
Piano Ring with Ruby Red Rose by York Avenue Studio
Keep searching for textures.  Steampunk looking detail on the bottom of toy cars, firetrucks, robot dogs!
Little detailed push buttons on play phones for adding accents of tiny triangles, bitty hearts, etc.  I even found a tiny heartbeat line design like a hospital monitor which would make a super cute Valentine’s Day item!
Little handprints, little hats, tiny flowers and plants, shoe prints, lines, dots, stars, AMAZING!
More Toys with Texture - Examples of mini piano keys and wings and toy cars
If you are getting some inspiration from these ideas for a metal clay project, go raid the toy room or visit a relative to play!  I would love for anyone to share their photos and ideas of projects in metal clay using found textures from toys!
Even More Toys with Texture - Examples of tiny buttons on a playphone, firetruck tools, flowers and grass

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