Feb 10, 2011

Winner of the Book Giveaway Metal Clay Origami Jewelry by Sara Jayne Cole

Craftgossip.com hosted a recent Giveaway for the book Metal Clay Origami Jewelry by Sara Jayne Cole.  I entered the contest and WON!!  I can't wait to receive this book!

Thank you Stacie!  For anyone interested in origami jewelry using metal clay, here is the link to the review on craftgossip.com   


Here is the link to Sara Jayne Cole's website:



I received this book plus a bonus book Jewelry Design Challenge, both signed by the authors!  I skimmed thru the Challenge book which is filled with well known artists and their projects, templates, design stories behind the scenes and great photos.  I also skimmed thru the Origami book and I am super excited to try the projects!  These books are such a treat and have inspired me with a flurry of ideas!

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