Apr 3, 2011

NEW! Tiny Kitty Moon and Shore Necklace by York Avenue Studio

Below is a photo I took one morning on a walk at the shore, just down the road from my home.  The New York skyline isn't in this frame, but just off to the right.  I'll add that photo in a minute......
photo by York Avenue Studio - Jersey Shore Beach - "Treasure Strewn"

My inspiration for this necklace started at the beach. I live on the Jersey Shore and on my morning walks I see the long line of treasures that are left on the sand after the tide goes out. I wanted to make a necklace that represented the beautiful assortment of “finds” from the ocean.

The focal is a tiny kitty sitting on a crescent moon that I made with black and white polymer clay, polished to shine like a gemstone. The moon is antique brass wire that I hardened by hammering and the kitty slides on the wire. At the top of the pendant is a cherry pink quartz and pearl flower with a turquoise blue howlite gemstone drop.

I selected some beads that were the colors and shapes best suited to make what I had in mind and then literally scattered them on my bead mat to imitate how the waves would leave rocks and shells on the sand.  That was fun!  I walked away for a bit, came back, and still liked it!  If you've made jewelry, then you might know what I'm talking about.  Sometimes, when going back to a project, you say to yourself, "What was I thinking!"  This was one of the good times when I was still onboard with the design, so I got to work on the assembly!

Along with the white and black genuine pearls and the Swarovski crystal beads, I’ve tucked in some little treasures: Purple Iolite gemstones, copper moon/dream charms, Abalone shell, brass links and a hand-beaded star with black pearl center.

It's exactly what I was hoping for!  Eclectic, bold, sparkly and to me, wonderful!

Tiny Kitty Moon and Shore Necklace by York Avenue Studio

Tiny Kitty Moon and Shore Necklace by York Avenue Studio

I think this would make a perfect gift for a fellow cat lover, an art teacher or someone who enjoys the ocean shore!

I'd love to hear what your reaction is and whether you love it or hate it!  Leave a comment, please!

Lastly, here is the photo with the NYC skyline, tiny, but follow the end fence post up with your eyes and just on the horizon you'll start to see the bridge, buildings, etc.  Not bad from Jersey!  (Click the photo - larger view)

photo by York Avenue Studio - Jersey Shore - "Wood Fence Post"

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