Jun 16, 2012

Opal Neptune Ring - Trident and Waves

Opal Neptune Ring by York Avenue Studio
Completely hand sculpted in Fine Silver using Silver Art Clay, this Genuine White Opal ring features a gorgeous oval Opal with accent gems of Yellow Sapphire and Deep Red Garnet.  The nautical design flows with waves that continue around the entire ring band.  The three prong mighty Trident curves up from the side and directs the eye to the beautiful Opal.

This post is a follow up post that I showed some of the steps while making this ring design.  Click here for Part 1: Metal Clay Ring Fired Flat

Opal Neptune Ring by York Avenue Studio
The White Opal is 7x5mm oval set into a bezel to protect and secure the precious gemstone.

Opal Neptune Ring by York Avenue Studio
The Yellow Sapphire and Garnet gems were set using Syringe silver metal clay and Silver Overlay Paste, then fired in place.

Along the way, I made molds of the formed piece which will allow me to reproduce this ring and use variations with different gemstones.

I'd love to hear what you think of this new design.


  1. Kathy I love the stones you used! Perfect name. Wonderful design.

  2. beautiful! /Annasiivonen

  3. Hi Kathy. I really appreciate your new design. Can you please update some more pictures ? Really i love to see them all. Thanks for your great work...

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