Nov 15, 2012

In the Dark, I Saw a Cat Pendant

Tiny Kitty hand sawed in copper by York Avenue Studio

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, we were left in the dark.  Thankfully, we were just far enough from the Jersey Shore to escape the flooding (3 houses away!) but we were without power for 8 days.  After the sun went down, there was little to do and we settled into a pattern of going to bed earlier than normal.  When everyone was tucked in, I found some peaceful creative time, working at my bench by a camping lantern.

I was struck with the urge to "saw" something in the dark!  I cut a circle from some copper sheet and drew a cat with a black sharpie.  I punched a hole in the center and started my little pierced project.

The process of sawing a tiny design is very relaxing and stress relieving.  Staying calm and keeping the tension smooth and steady is important for good results, plus it benefits the "soul" to release pressure and have something creative to focus on, perfect remedy considering the circumstances.

Copper Cat Necklace by York Avenue Studio

I finished the design, cleaned it up and polished the copper.  I matched the pendant up with a sterling silver box chain that is plated in 14K Rose Gold and a handmade bail.  A little treasure that I have as a keepsake to remember the "calm" after the storm.


  1. That turned out great! Piercing soothes the soul!

  2. That cat should be called Sandy and the story should be "told", contact the media , tell them the story, you can sell thousands.

  3. Fabulous! I want one! I agree with Willowtree, you could sell tons!

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