Mar 20, 2013

Updated with Round 2! - Ammonite Wins Round 1

Ancient Ammonite Matched Pair
Ammonite fossils from millions of years ago vs. Me - The wrestling match begins!

I absolutely love the organic beauty of these stones!  The colors, the pattern, the symmetry, love it all!  I have the idea to use these stones as the focal for some hair sticks.  The Ammonite at the top as the adornment and the stick part will be the wavy squid-like legs, made in glistening Goldie Bronze. 

The first challenge is how to secure the Ammonites in a setting. They are flat on top, the backs are rounded and curvy and uneven.  I am picturing a solid back that is curved to fit the stone, maybe some squid arms to curve over and hold the stone as prongs.  I spot a "perfect template" in the fridge!
The bottom of the coffee creamer is just the right size in the center, deep and has legs, hello!!!

After some hand carving on the dried bronze, I add the legs for the hair stick.  So far, so good....

Oh dear, there are several design issues now that I need to re-address:  size, thickness, shrinkage, weight, support during kiln firing, etc. etc.  The piece needs major repair, maybe a complete revamp in design, but I am convinced that I can win! 
The Ammonite won this round, escaping confinement and still has freedom, but I will be back for Round 2......Ding Ding!
OK, I call this match at best a TIE!  The Ammonite is secure, but MAN, this is one heavy hairstick!  I ended up using jeweler's epoxy to glue the bugger in.  I repaired the cracks, adding more and more bronze that this piece would actually qualify as a dangerous weapon if thrown!  For now, I'll keep it by the front door in case someone tries to break in!!


  1. That turned out beautifully! I love the natural symmetry of the ammonites.

  2. I love this Kathy! Beautiful design. I know you will get this!