Sep 24, 2013

Eureka! - Finding A Jewelry Style That Fits Like a Lost Puzzle Piece

Haunted House Pendant by York Avenue Studio - Reversible
After agonizing over the design details for my Haunted House necklace, I finally chose to keep the house size limited to a small version with tiny details, and layer the pendants so the copper would show along with the enamel.  The front has a black silhouette against a copper moon.  The back has a spooky copper house with an enameled winter scene in the background.

Haunted House Pendant by York Avenue Studio
My initial design included much more house with a pointed turret, tiny cross on top, moon behind the house, all framed with a silver circle.  The cost of materials and the labor pushed the end price too high for what I was hoping to offer the pendant.

Spooky House Black Silhouette - by York Avenue Studio
This is where the story takes a twist!  I was preparing a new design for a stethoscope charm to give to my daughter.  She is in Veterinary Medical School.  I wanted to know the thickness of the tubing so I could make the charm fit the stethoscope.  Searching around on Google, I stumbled upon a vintage stethoscope and took a closer look. 

Of course, I get distracted easily and the vintage shop also had jewelry, so I had to browse and then BAM - I found this!
Halloween Pin by Jonette Jewelry - JJ
Like finding a lost puzzle piece that fits, I was thrilled to see this pin!  The similarity is so amazing with the pointed turret, the circle window near the top, the porch step, I was so drawn to this pin and bought it!  The description mentioned that it was a JJ design.  I've never heard of that company, so of course, I Googled it.  The images that showed were, one after the other, remarkably wonderful and so similar to my taste!  Here are some examples of how, for years, I've been designing similar styles to this company.

The shooting star on the far right is almost exactly like the shooting star ring I made years back.  It was one of my first rings made using silver metal clay.

I started making the ring band flat, then formed the ring and set the gemstones.

This daydreamer frog by Jonette Jewelry has the same posture and whimsy as my little daydreamer monkey!
Daydreamer Monkey by York Avenue Studio
Back to the stethoscope charm, my drawing was for a snake spiraling up a wooden rod, the medical symbol for veterinarians.  Of course, another pin from JJ with the same!
Jonette Jewelry made over $5 million a year, outsourcing some work.  What a great company and hats off to them for such success back before the internet. 

Here is another Jonette Jewelry pins that I actually owned when I was young, incredible!  Just to think years later, it would come back in front of me just by a coincidence!

I have a sketch book full of ideas that are yet to be made, and while browsing the JJ site, it was so fun to see that "my style" is actually a STYLE that existed long, long before I started making jewelry and never came across until last night!!

Jewelry is one of those "love at first sight" things, something that sparks an emotion and feels like you've found a long lost piece that you've been separated from, finally to be reunited and bring home!



  1. What a great post! Funny- I actually still have the kitty pin you posted- had no clue who the maker was. That was fun to know