Sep 7, 2013

Polymer Wax Seal Gift Wrap for Jewelry Boxes

York Avenue Studio
Here is an idea for transforming a simple plain jewelry box into a wrapped treasure.  At the same time, it is another way to show off your business logo!

I have a Signature Stamp from The Charm Factory with my logo for York Avenue Studio.  If you are interested in a stamp for your business, I highly recommend them!

To make the wax seal in polymer clay, I used red and a small amount of purple, rolling them into each other to get the marbled look. 

Polymer clay wax seals
I use corn starch to keep the clay from sticking and to reduce my fingerprints.  My little dish is a milk jug cap and you can see my stamp right next to a little ball of rolled polymer.  I made some little kitty shapes, too.

Cat wax seals with York Avenue Studio
Bake the polymer clay according to the directions on your package.  Rinse them and pat them dry.  You can take it further and sand them, polish them, make them shiny.  I left them as matte finish.

Kitty Wax Seal Jewelry Box by York Avenue Studio

A simple waxed cotton cord with a knot and a wax seal kitty!  I use glue to hold the string and polymer in place.  E6000 is a good adhesive, rubber cement works well, super glue, etc.  Be sure to have proper ventilation while working with glues.

Thanks for reading this post!  I hope this inspires some creative packaging ideas!  I used my signature kitty, but other ideas could be little house shapes, mittens, stars, etc. 

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