Mar 22, 2011

3rd Place Winner! Metal Clay Heads: March Challenge - The Elements

Earth Goddess Amulet by York Avenue Studio
The voting is Closed - My Earth Goddess was voted ito 3rd Place!

The Etsy team Metal Clay Heads has a Challenge every other month with a selected theme and technique for members to create beautiful metal clay designs and the submissions are posted on our blog for everyone to vote!

Metal Clay Heads: March Challenge - The Elements: "Our theme this time is The Elements - Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. The required technique is using syringe or snakes when creating the desig..."

Here is how I created my entry into this Challenge:

Sketch up of idea as the design hit me initially
Maybe it was the oncoming of the full moon, but this idea just "hit" me and I grabbed a pen and the first paper I could find, which was the back of an envelope on the counter!  I wanted to create a special pendant for myself to wear daily, something sturdy and smooth, something that wouldn't jab my son when he jumped up on my lap and hugged me!

I recently lost my dad, less than two weeks ago.  He was in hospice in MI with just days to enjoy and I'm in NJ and didn't get there in time.....big misfortune and lost opportunity.

I also recently lost my doggy, about a week prior, and missing her hour by hour, still "hearing" her in the background only to re-realize she's not here.

Trying to stay positive has been tough lately, and these last events plus more....well, I decided to focus on what I have that is good and appreciate it.

This amulet represents the Earth Goddess, which to me means Motherhood.  I have 5 amazing children and I am surrounded by their love, which IS my life!  The swirls on this pendant would represent them.  In my final design, I used 5 spirals in her hair and on the back, I enscribed each child's Zodiac symbol for the month they were born.

The Blue Sapphire in the round moon being held high represents focus, protection, devotion and awareness:
"When misfortune is anow, wear the Blue Star on thy brow"

I made her face joyous, with eyes closed because that is how I laugh when I am with my kids, sometimes laugh so hard I'm in tears!

Earth Goddess Amulet with Blue Sapphire by York Avenue Studio

I used a rainbow patina on this pure silver pendant, but kept some areas shiny silver.  On the moon, there is a waxing crescent moon on the left highlighted in silver and also a waning moon on the right. 

The Earth Goddess Amulet Pure Silver by York Avenue Studio
I designed the pendant to hang so that the arms would stretch above the cord and hold the moon and star high.

I love my new necklace and haven't taken it off since I made it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm so glad to share this story behind the scenes!


  1. Kathy, what a great post about your amazing necklace!

  2. Thanks, Dawn. I've polished her up and she gets more beautiful as time passes! My favorite fine silver metal clay creation!