May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Pearl and Opal Thumb Ring by York Avenue Studio
Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies!!!  I won't try to sound like a greeting card, but I will say that I'm the luckiest mom to have 5 children and there are no words that truly describe what being their mom means to me.  Past, present and future volumes of unconditional love for my kids!  And an always expanding love and appreciation for my Mom, as time goes on and I experience what she must have already known!

This Mother's Day, I decided to make myself a gift from materials that I had put aside as "scrap for future projects".  I used up some Goldie Bronze metal clay, a couple of White Opals that have gorgeous color but just too tiny and a Pearl that had a flat bottom and some natural "wavy" lines across the top.

Pearl and Opal Thumb Ring Golden Bronze
I made the band to fit my thumb and left it open with a slit just off to the side to allow adjustment to slip over the knuckle.  The gold color is rich and smooth and the tiny Opals flash so much color as the ring moves.

Pearl and Opal Thumb Ring by York Avenue Studio
My skin is super sensitive to Copper, I get itchy and turn green where it touches.  Bronze is about 90% copper and is alloyed with tin.  I'm much less sensitive to Bronze, and after I seal the metal with Ren Wax, I can wear Bronze as an everyday ring without any problems!  Pearls and Opals are soft gems, not ideal for everyday wear and can be damaged easily if they get bumped around or scratched.  This ring will get worn often and that's the beauty of having "scrap" to play with sometimes!  The materials would just be boxed up for "later" but I'm enjoying them today for Mother's Day and beyond!