Sep 1, 2013

Metal Clay Challenge - Beautiful Designs and Bad Rap Music

Here is my entry for the Design Challenge held by the Metal Clay Heads Team.  The theme is Text and Textures. 

"Personalized name pendant with fresh style! This design shows off a name or word with a reversed image that becomes something unique as a special shaped charm. I make this design with golden bronze that shines like gold and sparkles in the light. The lettering is hand written into a sheet of foam that leaves grooves as the pen is pressed down.  The clay is pressed into the foam.  The grooved lines are now raised which gives the charm texture and more depth."

Follow the link to the Challenge and view the entries.  Everyone can vote for their favorite.  Voting ends Sept. 7th, 2013

Just for fun, and with a sense of humor, I played around with an app on my phone called Autorap!  Here is my own little rap song to promote the Design Challenge and get more votes for the team! Click my logo to hear it!


If you want to have some fun that is guaranteed to make yourself laugh and completely embarrass your kids, here is the link to Autorap!!!  As far as I know, this is only for use on a smart phone, not a computer, but I might be wrong.

I hope after you stop laughing, you take the time to vote!  Thanks for having fun with me!

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